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AutoGleams Nano Wax 1L


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Our nano wax allows you to turn a tedious job into an enjoyable 2 minute end of wash ritual. It's a no brainer, forget sticky, greasy old waxes of the past. Save your time and the pain after buffing off solid wax for your whole Sunday and grab a bottle of our nano wax!

It's a spray on-spray off wax, which you can apply in under 2 minutes, yeh, you heard us right! No mess, complete coverage, and long lasting results keep your car protected and beading beautifully! Our wax hides minor marks and gives your vehicle a glass-like finish. It can be applied to glass, wheels, paintwork, rubber, plastics, convertible roofs, put it on your van, car, bike, anything!  

What is our nano wax?

We're helping the environment...

Our nano wax is water based and PH neutral. Nothing harmful going on here, so feel free to spray it to your hearts truly content!

A DIY Detailers best friend...

However much you love to detail your car, it's a tedious job that comes around every 3 to 6 months, waxing your car. Out comes the tin of greasy, messy wax that's going to take you hours to apply and buff off, leaving you aching and with no time left on your Sunday! Forget it, throw away those out dated waxes, you just need one bottle, NANO WAX!

Tried and tested...

We use our wax on all of our customers cars. After 5 years of detailing, we know a thing or two about our products, and I can honestly say that there is no product out there that competes with our nano wax. Struggling to find a product that goes on the car and comes off the car with ease, as well as lasting was impossible. To be able to wax a car without even touching it, in under 2 minutes is an absolute life saver...

Complete a 2 hour job, in 2 minutes...